Keyboard Remapper

Keyboard Remapper 1.2.18

Small program that helps you reconfigure keyboard functions

Keyboard Remapper is a simple and easy to use software program to allow the user to customize key functions for specific tasks. For example, if your work demands that you copy and paste several times a day, Keyboard Remapper would make your work easier by configuring one key for the Ctrl+C command and another for the Ctrl+V so you would only have to push one key to copy and one to paste, instead of typing the complete command every time.

Keyboard Remapper uses very few computer resources and does not even need to be installed to work. By launching the software you are able to configure the keyboard according to your needs.

If you ever want to change the keyboard configuration again, Keyboard Remapper will let you do it with no problems since it works independently from your computer’s core drivers.

You can even change your keyboard settings without having to restart or reboot your system. Keyboard Remapper is very useful for people who need to work with several keyboard commands to make their work easier.